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Jimbe Peru

Pastor Hugo and wife Carlota 

For over 15 years now Pastor Hugo and his wife Carlota have been serving in the Ancash region of Peru in Jimbe. Jimbe is like the county seat and the main church is established in that town. Their ministry has also reached six other areas in the surrounding mountains and groups of believers meet each week to worship. They continue to work in this area to proclaim the Gospel, help the needy, and provide gifts every year during Christmas. They work with our mission teams each year as we send teams to help them in the ministry in various ways. Please be praying for their ministry as they continue to serve the Lord as long as He allows. Also be praying for the area that is a hard terrain to do ministry and people that need to know what it is like to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Your donations continue to support ministry in this area and support for our teams that go to be the hands and feet of Jesus to His people in this area of Peru.

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