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Eyes Of Grace Peru

Montes Family

Solomon, Norma, and Cescia Quispe Montes are part of our Eyes Of Grace team in Peru. They have a heart for serving the Lord and are involved in a number of different ministries throughout Peru. Solomon and Norma met at a local church where they got married and began their family. They served in youth ministry for over 12 years in their local church.  Solomon began interpreting for mission teams many years ago and recently his wife, Norma, began to learn English so she too could be a part of what God is calling them to. They continue to help coordinate with mission teams that are working in the country and help lead

several mission opportunities throughout Peru. Continue to pray for this family as they serve the Lord on our Eyes Of Grace Peru team.

House of Grace

 A ministry that the Quispe Montes family is involved in. The  House of Grace project is providing supplies to places that help nutritious meals for others .  Continue to pray for these people 

Gifts of Grace is a ministry that helps supply Christmas gifts and supplies to children and families in various places in Peru. In 2022 Gifts of Grace was able to provide for over 1,000 children and families. The idea is to put a smile on a child's face and meet the need of families all while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, the greatest gift ever given!

Gifts of Grace

Gladys Montalvo

I was born in Cusco ,south of Peru at the mountains. My parents were Catholics. When I was 2 years old we moved away to Lima because my dad got a job there. This was difficult for my mom because she had two little kids and didn't know what or how she would have help caring for them. She found a nursery school which was a believer project through Sponsorship where Swiss ,Germans and Peruvians would help poor children in the El Agustino district. My mom went and enrolled us there. Every morning we went so early at 7:30 am and my mom came to pick us up  at 5p.m. We spent the day there. Since I was 4 years old I've heard about the Bible and what Jesus Christ made for me and how He saved me!  I accepted Jesus in my heart since I was child. Through the years the nursery became Johannes Gutenberg School.   I studied kinder garden, Elementary and High School there.  When I was finishing my high School, I made plans for my life, to be a lawyer, to study  at  a diplomat School...

Everything was planned in my life for  me. Of course God had a different plan, but Jesus was always  with me as I studied English. After some years I began to work at the same school where I studied. I got to the University to study Education, and I graduated and got my degree. And again ,God had different plans for me. I attended bible studies in English and one day a leader of group of US team asked a volunteer to help in a mission trip as a translator . Through the years I was working as a translator of different mission trips ( evangelistic, medical) at the coast , mountains and jungle because Jesus called me to it. He has a lot of patience with me and he takes me in accordance with his will. 

                     Today Gladys continues to help mission teams as well as our child sponsorship program. Continue to pray for Gladys as God continues to use her on our Eyes Of Grace Peru team.

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